EMS-Electronic Manufacturing Services

At Eónica Solutions we make our factory equipped with extensive technical resources available to customers.

This allows us a high production capacity, and the possibility of carrying out any type of product or electronic system.


Prototypes and Preseries

 At Eónica we design, develop and manufacture electronic and mecha-tronic products, offering from the transformation of ideas to prototypes, to the production of pre-series and series.


Once the prototype is optimized and industrialized, we have the capacity to manufacture the pre-series and / or series of the final product.


We adapt to your requirements in quantities, costs and delivery times.

Express lead times: 48 to 72 hours

Mounting and assemblies of electronic and mechatronic products

We have the ability to integrate equipment and / or complete products from electronic boards previously manufactured and validated, all together with the wiring, boxes or enclosures and the manufacture / mechanization of the same if necessary, until obtaining the final product which will be subjected to the functional, aging and climatic tests agreed with the client. Finally we can carry out the final packaging of the equipment and its dispatch.


At present this technology allows to protect the electronics through the injection of a material with a custom mold. To carry out this process we have different injection equipment.

Partial or total overmolding, over-injected, encapsulation of electronic circuits, connectors, cable glands, etc.

Depending on the production, manual, semi-automatic or fully automated applications can be carried out.

Other of our services


We will see to it that you carry out your projects successfully.


Different services that facilitate the control of raw materials.


Prototyping, reworks and rapid implementation.

Electronic design

Hardware and software design with your production in mind.

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