Design and development of product oriented manufacturing (DFM), definition of specifications, usability, reliability and compliance with regulations.




Our extensive experience allows us to advise and help the client to go through a successful industrial creation process, taking into account all the factors that influence according to their needs and the magnitude of the project in which they want to embark.

That is why we will offer the support and security that is needed when taking such an important step.


We know that optimization is very important in any project so that unexpected failures or errors do not arise in the long term, translating this into additional costs that were not contemplated at the beginning of the project. That is why our team will analyze all the details so that the project is optimal and reliable. Thus offering the client the maximum security and guarantee.


We manage all our processes, ensuring the quality of the products that we design and manufacture to obtain the best results, complying with all quality and guarantee standards.

Eónica is a consolidated company with high quality ratios. To this end, since 2018 we have implemented a Quality Management System, based on the ISO 9001: 2015 Standards.

We are ISO 9001: 2015 certified.


Other of our services

Electronic design

Hardware and software design with your production in mind.


Different services that facilitate the control of raw materials.


Prototyping, reworks and rapid implementation.

Electronic manufacturing

Manufacture of technological products.

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