Purchasing management, stock control, storage, traceability, packaging and shipments. We offer a raw material management service. Keeping all the movements of the products controlled and the inventory up to date.

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Eónica efficiently manages the acquisition of the necessary materials for your product, offering you a comprehensive purchase and supply service.

We collaborate with the main official distributors, with the aim of being able to offer the best solutions for the finished product in a timely manner.

Packaging and Shipping

Experience in management operations to guarantee the highest quality.

In a personalized way, with our identification and differentiation of each product, we adapt to the requirements for each delivery according to the client’s needs, adapting to the supply required in each case in a personalized way. In addition to managing shipments, delivery service of the finished product to the customer or end customer.


Other of our services


We will see to it that you carry out your projects successfully.

Electronic design

Hardware and software design with your production in mind.


Prototyping, reworks and rapid implementation.

Electronic manufacturing

Manufacture of technological products.

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